Why llama and alpaca wool?

Llamas and alpacas produce one of the world’s finest and most luxurious natural wools. This wool has a number of extremely desirable attributes.

·       Llama and alpaca wool is silky, soft, supple and smooth to the touch. It is prized for unique silky feel and luxurious handle.

·       The absence of lanolin and other oils in the wool and its extraordinary fineness of handle results in products that are both hypoallergenic and luxuriously soft on your skin.

·       Llama and alpaca wool is unusually strong and resilient. The strength does not diminish as it becomes finer.

·       Llama and alpaca wool grows on the llamas & alpacas in 22 genetically distinct natural colors. Many of those distinct colors are naturally grown in many slight color variations. The result is a host of natural colors.

·       Llama and alpaca wool is easily dyed any color and always retains its natural luster.

·       Llama and alpaca wool contains microscopic air pockets which creates lightweight clothing with high insulating values.

·       Llama and alpaca wool is as soft as cashmere and warmer and stronger than lamb’s wool.

·       Most people can comfortably wear garments made from high quality llama and alpaca wool next to their skin.

·       Llama & alpaca wool wicks moisture away from your body, thus reducing dampness and odor.

Quality and Price

·       The supply of llama & alpaca wool is relatively limited, and the quality of the wool is very high.

·       As such, products made from llama & alpaca wool will be among the highest quality products you will purchase, and their price is above average.