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About Us

Shuswap Lake Haven Llamas and Alpacas is a family business, now entering its third generation. We are located on the Shuswap Lake, in north central British Columbia, Canada. Our family has been on this land for over 40 years.

Shuswap Lake Haven Llama and Alpaca Farm is located on the south east arm of the Shuswap Lake. This is one of the largest lakes in British Columbia, with four long arms in the shape of an "H" and over 1000 miles of shore line. Warm summers, moderate winters, and the background scenery of the Monashee Mountains create a year round tourist destination.

The word "Haven" in our name originated with a gentleman who lived here before our family. A retired man of many talents, he called his home "The Haven". He lived in a small log cabin that was one of two residences on the land, the other being occupied by his lady friend and land owner. At least that was the story they maintained. It was, after all, a time when living together needed to be kept discreet. In any event, nestled in a large bay, with no immediate neighbors, and very much away from urban activity, "Haven" remains a fitting description.

Our family acquired this farm in the late fifties, when Russ and Reave McManus bought it as a summer residence. The farm was later purchased by two of their children and their families; Derek, Barbara, Jason and Paul; and Doug, Opal, Heather and Colin. These two families now reside on the property and continue to run the farm.

This land is also an ideal location to raise llamas and alpacas. We think they enjoy the view, they get enough visitors to quench their desire to be the center of attention, with the moderation and breezes from the Lake they can keep cool in the summer, and any animal that can survive the high mountain plateaus of South America can readily handle our mild winters.

Decades ago, our farm was an apple orchard. There were no roads to the land, and the produce was taken out by boat in the summer or on the ice in the winter. Later we moved into cattle, but soon grew tired of fixing fences. In the early 1990's we developed an interest in llamas and alpacas.

Getting to us is easy - here is a map.

Leave the Trans Canada Highway at Tappen (about 15 minutes west of Salmon Arm), and travel down the Sunnybrae Canoe Point Road for 22 km. We would love to see you, and as importantly, so would our llamas and alpacas.

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